Our company

Our mission and promise is to deliver superior products that exceed our client’s expectations at reasonable prices. We are dedicated to providing our customers a diverse line of products that reflect the demands of a sophisticated market. With all the resources and experience at our reach, we began our journey as a brand in 2018.

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Why Choose Farm2Lab?

Premium Indoor Grown Flower

We are a fully licensed, indoor cultivation specializing in the production, manufacturing and distribution of recreational high-end cannabis products. As an L.A. local, we are able to continuously provide a variety of strains to accommodate the needs of our clients.

Quality Products

Farm2Lab Solventless was created to showcase our wide array of concentrates and solventless products. From blunts to joints, to multi-packs and more, our mission is to deliver potent concentrates using ice water hash and premium flower grown by our own cultivators. Hence the inspiration of our brand name!